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Hey, it’s a website!

Launching one of these things still means something even today when there are roughly a gazillion websites and apps dedicated to just about everything you can imagine. Corporations proudly tout the 25th version of their existing site, while small businesses consider it a milestone to finally make their web presence a reality.

I definitely fall into the second category. It only took me 16 years and a couple weeks as a professional writer to get here, and with good reason – I’ve been busy, the good kind of busy. For the better part of a decade all my work was conveniently compiled on websites belonging to the newspapers my byline called home – The Daily Chronicle, The Kane County Chronicle and Aurora Beacon-News.

A digital Dan destination became more of a priority six years ago when I went out on my own to start this writing and communications business of mine. There have been a lot of baby steps since then, but they’ve all led up to this being the right time for DanCamCom’s site to go live (and thanks to Eric at Meta Groove for making it happen).

Why now? First, there are plenty of stories, relationships and accomplishments to highlight – portfolio material coming soon – since 2010. Second, there’s a lot more to look forward to in the future.

You’ll always be able to keep track of what DanCamCom does by visiting the Services page, but the blog will feature good stuff – where our words are being published, who we’re working with and, occasionally, my thoughts on the media world and the ways we communicate personally and professionally.

For now, it’s back to work. DanCamCom and its correspondents continue to team up with CN100 Sports on its fine coverage of prep sports in the Chicago area. The latest issue of Illinois Cops Magazine features a handful of stories by yours truly. And, I can’t wait to talk about a few opportunities coming down the road soon.

I’ll leave you with recommendations for a couple of talented, skillful writers I’m happy to call friends and colleagues. Two guys I envy and try to emulate. Matt Brennan does solid work as a copywriter, and he’s got a fun blog that delves into the realities of life as a first-time dad. Then there is “1,001 Chicago Afternoons,” the ambitious and intriguing project piloted by Paul Dailing. It’s quirky, heartfelt and entertaining, qualities which aptly describe Paul.

My name (literally) and ideas are all over the site, so feedback on what you think is always appreciated. And, of course, I’m always interested in new opportunities. Contact me – – to find out what DanCamCom can do to make your words and content its very best.