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And now, a few words from some of DanCamCom’s clients:

Richard Foresman, CN100 Senior Programming Manager:

“CN100, The Comcast Network, is a local cable television operation in Chicagoland. Being a small operation, we do not have the benefit of an in-house promotion team.  Several years ago, we began to work with Dan Campana and DanCamCom in an effort to raise our profile and to promote our productions, primarily local sports coverage.  Over the years, Dan has become an integral part of our production team in several areas.

Event/Game Coverage: Dan has provided written content promoting upcoming game and event coverage, and coordinated publication and outreach for this content in the press and through various online outlets.

Social Media: Dan has worked to coordinate our social media content, build a strong presence socially and develop new ideas and ways to reach current and potential viewers. He also tracks, monitors and provides analysis of the performance of our various social outlets and works with our team to determine future paths for advancement.

Outreach: Dan and his team have worked with the schools and organizations in our coverage area regarding promotion of events/games, interaction with fans and partnerships. 

Analysis: Dan provides us with analytics of social media, YouTube interactions and Video On Demand viewership numbers. His analysis allows us to review and determine which areas of programming are succeeding the most, which are the most popular and help to determine the future paths of our programming.

Since Dan has been involved with CN100, our profile in the community has risen, resulting in positive feedback from our viewers and the schools. Our social media presence has grown greatly since his involvement and the numbers of visits/hits continues to rise each year. Dan has been creative in working with our limited budget and operational parameters in developing contests and events to help draw viewers to our programming, including website polls, contests and topical highlight video postings.

Dan and his team continue to be a key part of the promotional strategy for CN100.”

CN100 samples: Twitter; Game Preview; Press Releases

Tracy Hackler, Hobby Marketing Manager, Panini America:

“Dan Campana is a resourceful and efficient content generator with a keen eye for what collectors want. His understanding of this industry – and his many years in it – in concert with his editorial and social media skills make him an ideal media partner.

He has a knack for producing compelling multimedia content – videos, still images and copy – that tell your story the way you want it to be told. He’s extremely easy to work with and delivers quality work that is always on time.”

Panini America sample: Blog with photos and video

Mark Landiak, author “Getting Better”:

“I needed someone who could take my stories and help me transfer them to the pages of a book that would be fun to read, but also carry a serious, and very personal message.  I wanted someone with really good interviewing skills that could look from the outside-in and pull the ‘details’ out of me.  At the same time, I needed someone who could put some serious ideas down on paper in a humorous manner.  Dan fit the bill and we finished my project in record time. 
I am very pleased with the book we produced and people who have read it commented on how they can hear my voice telling the stories in the pages.  To me, that’s what a good writer, and good writing is all about.  I’ll be hiring Dan to help me on the re-write of a business book that I wrote many years ago and need to update and would recommend him without reservation.”
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