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I’m just like you. Busy.

That means I don’t spend as much time as I should on some of the business basics. I get caught up in doing the work people pay for, which makes focusing on DanCamCom fundamentals a lesser priority on the ever-present to-do list.

Simple acts, like maintaining an active, engaging blog, fall by the wayside. Next thing you know, it’s been almost two months with the same headline sitting atop the “latest post” column. How many of you have fallen into the same scenario? Go ahead, admit it. No one is here to judge.

None of this makes us bad business owners. Being busy is a good thing if it means growth and opportunity in our corner of whatever industry we belong to. But don’t get me wrong, investing time in your own business is important.

Whether you’re the owner, oversee the company website or in charge of marketing strategy, finding ways to reach an audience you can develop into customers or clients is a standard mission. It doesn’t take a ninja or a guru to recognize why blogs are an important part in that process.

A good blog post imparts expertise and shares something unique. The blog is a perfect place for companies big and small to get conversational with the audience to recreate the experience of a face-to-face talk about the product you sell or the service you offer. It’s about business storytelling.

Of course, the trouble with blogs is they’re easy to start, yet hard to keep up with especially when things get hectic. I’ve written professionally for 16 years and, before going into business for myself in 2010, I started at least two personal blogs to give me an outlet to talk about my hobby. Long hours in the newsroom and time at home with my wife and son made it hard for me to pay the right amount of attention to consistently producing posts.

Launching the DanCamCom website in April provided an opportunity to create a blog that, in a variety of ways – marketing, self-promotion, highlighting the people and places I’m professionally connected to – could speak for me all the time, even when I’m off scheduling Facebook posts for a client or helping organize editorial content for a magazine.

We all know what happened next – it’s been seven weeks since my last post. I’m human. So are you. The worst thing anyone can do is give up on the company blog – or any part of a website that represents your business. Sure, it can be a little tough to swallow having a glaring reminder your website hasn’t been touched in a while. It’s natural to worry what a visitor, that potential client, might think when they see it because we know what we think when driving past a storefront with Christmas decorations still up in January.

None of this is fatal. It only takes a few minutes to freshen up your site or put together a quick blog post to jump back into the now.

Can’t find the time? Don’t know what to say or where to start again? Shoot me an email – – and DanCamCom will help get you back on track with a quick and affordable website review or a monthly blog package to tell your story better than ever before.

And, once DanCamCom starts working with you, I promise to not let this blog get forgotten about again.