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It’s Dec. 30, National Bacon Day … do you know what you’re doing for newsletter, blog, social media or website content in 2017? You’re late if you haven’t, but don’t panic.

Getting on track with ideas for engaging your audience and customers can be as simple as looking at a calendar. Here are three quick ways to come up with timely topics which can inform readers and promote your business/organization throughout the new year.

  1. Everything has a day: Bubble Wrap Day, Clean Out Your Computer Day, Smile Power Day, Social Media Day, Floral Design Day … the list goes on and on. And, there’s probably one that ties into what you do. Check out this list to see which days (did we mention today’s National Bacon Day?) and months fit into your world. It’s an easy and potentially fun way to connect your products or services with your followers or customers.
  2. Happy Anniversary: Whether you’ve been around a year or 100, it’s a meaningful moment to celebrate for any business or organization to celebrate their anniversary. Take that opportunity to tell your story, brag about recent accomplishments or share a big announcement to mark the special day.
  3. Localize key moments: What’s your busy time of year? Do you attend annual conferences? How do seasonal events, such as the holidays or back to school, play a role in what you do? Tax professionals know the first quarter of the year is their most hectic, which means it’s not the best time to prepare meaningful content – even if it’s super helpful to consumers. No matter your scenario, developing a newsletter outline or list of blog ideas weeks before your key moments can save time and frustration.

Want more ideas? Contact Dan Campana at to get started on developing your 2017 newsletter, blog and social media content ideas.